The Revive of CryptoAsia

We are happy to announce that we continue our mission here to introduce Cambodia to the ideals embodied by cryptocurrency and to increase adoption of Bitcoin and prove its importance as a payment method and value storage. With regulations coming across the world and investors attention it is obvious now – crypto world is here to stay and its market cap will increase over time.

Anti-Fraud Measures

So how can we take payment for crypto if bank transfers are reversible? In cash! Cash with wings.

There are more than 5000 Wing agents nationwide, they are everywhere from small villages to cities.

Give dollars to a Wing agent, send to us by phone number provided, we’ll pick up hard cash and you’ll get crypto same day!

Bank account is not required anymore! You don’t even need ID if you buy Bitcoin with cash.

Safety is guaranteed by anonymity, cash transfers are irreversible that allows us to continue exchange services in Cambodia.

(We may send a message to sender’s phone to confirm sender is really paying for crypto, not for something else.)

How to start?

Go ahead and contact us in the Facebook group  or Telegram for quote and trade.

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