Startups, Meetups, Altcoins, Cambodia! – CryptoAsia Newsletter #6

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The State of Bitcoin Startups in Cambodia

Greetings Cambodia, and welcome to the 6th edition of the CryptoAsia newsletter. In this edition, we update you on the latest efforts to bring Bitcoin and blockchain technology to the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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CryptoAsia – The Little Startup That Could

Starting a business in Cambodia is easy. Starting a successful business in Cambodia is a different story.

CryptoAsia is the little Cambodian Bitcoin startup that could. Self-financed, we’ve been bootstrapping our way from the beginning. Battling regulatory confusion, fraudulent actors, and outright antagonism, it often feels like the world wants us to fail.

But when you believe in something you don’t give up. For us, that thing is the promise of digital currency. Bitcoin: the censorship-resistant, borderless, peer-to-peer payment network that is poised to make the world a better place. We still believe it.

We created a Bitcoin payment gateway based on Mycelium Gear. It was the first of its kind in Cambodia. Now, we are preparing to release our newest cryptocurrency platform. Click below to see a preview of the CryptoAsia Digital Currency Marketplace, currently under development.

cambodian bitcoin cryptocurrency marketplace demo
CryptoAsia Cryptocurrency Marketplace Demo

DaPact – Blockchain Framework for MicroFinance

If you are looking for some microfinance startups to cheer for in Cambodia then look no further.

DaPact is arguably the most important blockchain project happening so far. Their lending platform, “lets existing microlenders perform credit operations as non-custodial entities – i.e. with no escrow of the loan principal.” It could revolutionize lending. View the video below for an explanation.

Startups DaPact explainer video
DaPact Lending Platform Explained

Coin Cafe & Bar – Building a Bitcoin Community

Coin Cafe & Bar opened in November of 2014, becoming the first Cambodian retailer to accept Bitcoin for payment.

No one has tried harder to build a community in Cambodia than Coin Cafe & Bar. They’ve hosted Cambodia’s longest standing Bitcoin Meetups. The first meetups drew only 2 or 3 people. However, the beginning of 2018 saw some of the largest Meetups with up to 30 people attending.

The next Bitcoin Meetup is 1 November 2018.

Cambodia’s Other Blockchain Projects

Sadly, Cambodia is littered with a few failed startup blockchain projects.

SunCoin, for example, marketed itself as a digital currency payment solution for Cambodia – a mission too often used as a front to deceive investors. The project was shut down, as is the case for most other blockchain projects in Cambodia.

Past failures haven’t stopped the latest newcomer from entering the market. Singaporean company LynPay announced their payment token plans for Cambodia. Unfortunately, as of October 2018, their website is inaccessible.

Latest Post From CryptoAsia – Altcoins

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