Cambodia Loves Blockchain Technology – CryptoAsia Newsletter #5

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Cambodia Loves Blockchain Technology

Greetings Cambodia! Welcome to the 5th edition of the CryptoAsia newsletter. In this edition, we briefly examine the various blockchain projects that have emerged from Cambodia in the past few years. Plus, we go over some upcoming events in Cambodia, including a party!

A Slew of Blockchain Projects in Cambodia

If you’ve been living in Cambodia for the last year you are sure to have seen news from at least one of the several Blockchain projects underway in the Kingdom. We do not endorse any of these projects and list them here for informational purposes only.

National Bank of Cambodia

Approximately one year ago, the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) signed an agreement with blockchain company Soramitsu to potentially implement distributed ledger technology. Although details from the bank are still scarce, it sent an important signal that Cambodia supports innovative and disruptive technologies like blockchain.


The country’s most bizarre blockchain project hit like a whirlwind late last year. A regional blockchain conference at Sokha Hotel would be the setting for a new digital currency announcement. Unfortunately, the event disappointed many, being conducted in Chinese with no translations available. The Entapay website still claims support from the Cambodian government in spite of the NBC outright denying any endorsement of the project.


A Japanese digital currency project calling itself ‘K-Coin’ launched in Cambodia in 2017. The company website claims that “K Coin is the Cambodian national token.” However, the company was quickly spurned by the national bank and has yet to redact the comments.


Yet another curious digital token project in Cambodia goes by the name of Lockcoin. Although the company has an office in Canadia tower, the website is written mostly in Chinese with no Khmer language support. Look over the entertaining Lockcoin press release here.

KH Coin

An interesting grassroots blockchain project began last year in Cambodia calling itself KH Coin. The locally developed coin is being touted as an educational tool by its founder and has generated a lot of interest from local technology enthusiasts.

Serey Coin

An exciting digital currency in Cambodia, Serey Coin takes its cue from, the blockchain-based content publishing system. This social media platform rewards users with the cryptocurrency ‘Serey’ for writing, posting, and curating content.

Coin Cafe & Bar Opening Party

Cambodia’s first and only digital currency cafe has undergone a big transformation in recent months. Come celebrate Coin Cafe & Bar’s re-opening party on May 26th, 2018! They’ve added a new bar, a new menu, and a new projector with a 160″ screen! RSVP on Facebook.

CryptoAsia Competes in Regional Startup Competition

On April 25th, the good people at e27 held a start-up competition in Phnom Penh. Regional entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to present their companies and products to a panel of judges. CryptoAsia was proud to be included among the 21 participants. You can read all about the event and the results here.

News and Events

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