Bitcoin Payment Gateway Has Arrived in Cambodia – CryptoAsia Newsletter #2

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Greetings, Cambodia! Welcome to the 2nd edition of the CryptoAsia newsletter. This time, we discuss Cambodia’s Bitcoin payment gateway, Bitcoin events in Phnom Penh, and how to get set up with a Bitcoin wallet.


Get Started With Bitcoin in Cambodia – Set up a Bitcoin Wallet

CryptoAsia is producing regular articles about using Bitcoin in Cambodia. Our first article featured several options for using a Bitcoin wallet. Read our introduction to Bitcoin wallets here, then check out our other content on our Bitcoin news page. We explain how to buy Bitcoin and where to spend Bitcoin in Cambodia.


Cambodia’s Bitcoin Payment Gateway is Live!

bitcoin payments in cambodia with cryptoasia gatewayDid you know Cambodia has a Bitcoin payment gateway? It has never been easier for your customers to pay you with Bitcoin. Just ask Expat Advisory, who recently began accepting Bitcoin donations for their website rebuilding project.

Bitcoin is an easy way to transmit value. If you run a store, a restaurant, or a charity then you can easily grow your revenue base by choosing to accept Bitcoin. Online retailers can install our payment widget on their website. Or, if your customers make transactions in person, then we can help you configure a Bitcoin point-of-sale device. The process is simple!

Bitcoin transactions are fast and secure.  With CryptoAsia’s services you never have to worry about exchange rate fluctuations. You will always get the exact amount that is owed to you.

For free information on how to get started with Bitcoin in Cambodia, call or e-mail us today.


Join the Bitcoin Community in Cambodia

Come learn about cryptocurrencies and meet other people in Phnom Penh!

Do you want to network with other like-minded people? Do you want to get involved with Bitcoin projects happening in Cambodia? We hold Bitcoin networking events every 2 weeks, on Thursdays at 6 PM.

Join our Bitcoin Meetups and follow our Facebook Bitcoin group for the latest on upcoming events. Check our Bitcoin News page to see the list of upcoming events.

Last month we had a great community meeting at Hops Brewery in Phnom Penh. Have a look at some of the photos from that event below.