Bitcoin is Alive in Cambodia – CryptoAsia Newsletter #1

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Greetings Cambodia! The Bitcoin price has almost tripled this year alone. Did you notice?

Welcome to the first edition of the CryptoAsia newsletter, where we chronicle Bitcoin activity in the beautiful Kingdom of Cambodia.

To kick it off, we review some of the major headlines so far in 2017.

NBC Agrees to Contract With Blochain Tech Firm

The biggest news this year was April’s announcement that the National Bank of Cambodia has agreed to partner with Japanese distributed ledger start-up Soramitsu Co. The agreement is said to involve implementation of blockchain technology in NBC operations and could foreshadow larger Bitcoin adoption in the kingdom. The details are emerging now and we are sure to be hearing more soon. We may even have the opportunity for some live speaking events with the parties involved. Stay tuned.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos Speaks in Phnom Penh

In February of 2017 Cambodia was fortunate to host one of Bitcoin’s most acclaimed proponents in Andreas M. Antonopoulos.  We had about 70 people in attendance.  Pictures can be seen here.

Digital Currency Prices Skyrocket in 2017

After enduring a 2-year lull in Bitcoin and altcoin activity, bitcoin activists saw steady appreciation in digital currency values over the course of 2016.

Now that we’re halfway through 2017 it’s easy to forget the bitcoin price more than doubled last year. Major swings in price are the name of the game in the world of digital currency. Keep your eyes on the Bitcoin price and don’t blink.

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Join the Bitcoin Community in Cambodia

It’s time to start building our community as the future is bright for bitcoin in Cambodia. You can start by joining the Facebook group and the Meetup Group. We have events every month so check regularly and stay informed. We are always available at CryptoAsia to point you in the right direction.

Until next time, stay safe and happy trading!

One thought on “Bitcoin is Alive in Cambodia – CryptoAsia Newsletter #1

  1. How cn we get a broader adoption here in Cambodia?
    I wanted to buy Samsung Galaxy 8 with BTCs but had to pay it with geenbacks!
    Guests at Auberge du Soleil in Kampot are welcome with 10% discount on their food or stay bills…
    I would Love to pay my providers with BTCs
    At least, I paid for the stay (hotel rooms in Siem Reap) for my staff holidays with BTCs on expedia, but I hate Online Travel Agents pimps taking 20% commissions and costs…
    How can we get a broader adoption?
    Saving travelers Exchange Fees and importers as well…
    I am only a small individual with a limited network…
    We need a worldwide currency instead of a bankster’s paper money!

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