Bitcoin Basics in Cambodia: Getting Started With Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Basics

Bitcoin is becoming a popular technology in Cambodia and CryptoAsia is here to teach the Bitcoin basics. This is the third article in our Bitcoin basics series. This time, we will help you get started with the digital currency and give you some resources for continuing your research.

Bitcoin Wallets

If you want to participate on the Bitcoin network, you need only download a free wallet app. It’s not necessary to open an account, fill out forms, or submit documentation. Anyone can participate on the network regardless of where you are or who you are. Just download an app!

We discussed several good wallet apps in our beginners guide to wallets.

Buying Bitcoin in Cambodia

Now that you have a Bitcoin wallet, you will want to buy Bitcoin in Cambodia. The CryptoAsia Bitcoin exchange platform will be ready at the end of 2017. Until then, there are many local options if you want to buy or sell Bitcoin. See our article on the top ways to buy Bitcoin in Cambodia.

Merchant Options

Every merchant in Cambodia should give their customers the option to pay with Bitcoin. There are 2 simple options for merchants to start accepting Bitcoin.

  1. Direct Bitcoin Payments – If you are comfortable with securing your Bitcoin and don’t mind fluctuations in price, simply ask your customers to make payments directly to your Bitcoin address. You can generate a unique payment request for every transaction using most Bitcoin wallets. Alternatively, you can print the QR code for a single Bitcoin address and ask customers to scan it when their bill is due. We explain this process in our Youtube video here.
  2. CryptoAsia Payment Gateway – If you prefer a local option for processing Bitcoin transactions then you can consider the CryptoAsia Payment Gateway. CryptoAsia guarantees the dollar amount that your customers pay you, so there is no need to worry about exchange rates or securing your Bitcoin keys.

After your business is set up to accept Bitcoin you can join the growing list of merchants who accept Bitcoin in Cambodia.

Useful Internet Resources

Here is a list of excellent online resources to guide you further as you get started with Bitcoin.

  1. – The latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies
  2. – Advanced real-time trade data
  3. – Online wallet and block explorer for Bitcoin
  4. – Valuable list of cryptocurrencies and related market data
  5. – Real-time trading platform
  6. Youtube Channels – Andreas Antonopoulos, Kimheng Sok, CryptoAsia
  7. CryptoAsia Resources – Website, Blog, YoutubeFacebook page, Facebook group

Bitcoin Community in Cambodia

CryptoAsia hosts regular Bitcoin meetups and events in Cambodia. These are lively, well-attended events where many personal connections are made.

You can keep up with all the Bitcoin news and activities by following our Facebook page, joining our meetup group, and signing up for our e-mail list, below. Thanks for reading!

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